Izumi Spring Waterfront City

Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
Nam Long Group
62 ha
Izumi Spring Waterfront City - Conybeare Morrison CM+

CM+ provided the public domain design for Izumi City, a major new development northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, with an extensive waterfront on the Dong Nai River. The story of Izumi Spring begins with water. A ‘spring’ at its centre organises the site and gives spirit to Izumi, informing the public domain story. A centrally located artwork map of the Dong Nai River, marks the site and spring’s location, and from this point, green and blue axes connect development and the waterfront experience across the city. These elements connect Izumi to water and offer a spiritual layer that joins the master plan’s many corridors of development.

The Green ‘Forest Chain’ Axis – defines the Lifestyle Corridor connecting the Riverfront to the Eco Corridor beyond. At the Riverfront a series of structures read as a ‘Water Dragon’, allowing access over the water and providing a connection to it. At the Eco Corridor a marina and the canal edge take the form of a Phoenix, rising on the tides from its nest.

The Blue ‘Water’ Axis crosses Izumi, connecting major water corridors and celebrates the ‘gathering of the waters’. A series of waterfront events mark the importance of water across the site and a boardwalk / art installation highlight where the three leisure canals meet.