Armidale Plan 2040

Armidale, NSW
Armidale Regional Council
Strategic plan
8,621 sqkm
Armidale future masterplanning CM+

CM+ has undertaken a study of the Armidale Local Government Area, consulting broadly with the community to inform the preparation of a Strategic Plan (Armidale Plan 2040) which will establish a sound planning framework to guide the City of Armidale, Guyra Town Centre and the region’s villages over the next 20 years.

Armidale Plan 2040 will provide a coherent vision and spatial framework for the Armidale region, establishing the basis for the community to consolidate common goals and to provide robustness in the face of the many challenges facing the region. The Plan will encourage considered growth, innovative business and employment opportunities and frame the planning agenda. It will be a plan that empowers the community to join with Council to create an exciting future. A plan that acknowledges, supports and grows the existing capacity, assets and resources.