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By 17 June, 2014February 17th, 2021No Comments

Introducing Conybeare Morrison’s competition entry for Green Square Aquatic Centre, Gunyama Park.

In this design a series of water gardens take the built form vertical, reducing the building footprint to maximise green space and natural ventilation. The project is organised around a ramp that connects the site to the building and serves as a spine connecting all the key components of the program.

Coloured glass panels around the ramp, suggest the richness of Sydney’s relationship to water and the exuberance of a water park. The encompassing ramp is both playful and purposeful as it provides an external running track to the roof as well as secure internal access. The facility itself is permeable allowing sunlight to pour in and the ground plane to flow through.

Our design seeks to provide a new place for Sydney to develop its relationship with water and a strong statement for the Green Square community to embrace.

Designer: Aman Krishan

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