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By 12 May, 2020May 17th, 2020No Comments

CM+ is celebrating 40 years of design thinking in industrial design, architecture, infrastructure and urban design. To mark this achievement, we have assembled a series of our most iconic projects developed through collaboration with a diverse range of clients, these have shaped our thinking, defined who we are and changed our perceptions of what could be.

This series spans four decades of transformative interventions, regenerations, new settlements and rediscoveries. These projects are located within urban centres, through rural landscapes, and in small towns. They capture work we have undertaken in Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.

Through these projects we have learned that we have more in common with each other than we have differences. We also have learned that good urbanism takes time and that ‘getting it right’ can often mean setting up a structure that allows places to evolve, accommodate the unforeseen and adapt to changing priorities. We have often been reminded that the most resilient places are based on timeless thinking.

We are fortunate to work with visionary clients around the globe to change the status quo of what could be and provide new ways of seeing the world.  This is a journey we take together to go beyond the brief and never stop asking ‘What if?

The series will feature a snap shot of one project per week. We welcome feedback and would enjoy hearing about similar experiences from our colleagues. We work around the globe partnering with our clients and local designers to deliver visionary places that meet the challenges of our changing world.

Enjoy the series.

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