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What if?

CM+ is a group of design studios who look beyond the brief to deliver innovation in urban design, architecture, industrial design and infrastructure.

To celebrate 40 years of design leadership we have assembled a series of our most iconic projects… those that have shaped our thinking, defined who we are and changed our perceptions of what could be.

This series spans four decades of transformative interventions, regenerations, new settlements and rediscoveries. The most resilient places are based on timeless thinking.

We work around the globe partnering with our clients and local designers to deliver visionary places that meet the challenges of our changing world…

Enjoy the series.

Botswana International University of Technology, Palapye Botswana
Client – World Bank

Botswana International University of Technology will encourage self sufficiency in education and provide a platform for economic, social and environmental sustainability in a remote region of the country.

Stony Pinch, New South Wales Australia
Client – Ashtonfields

Stony Pinch is a vision for the regeneration of a coal mine into a community centred around the restoration of traditional food production. The mixed use community will feature orchards, a biodynamic vineyard and a restored wetland. It will be home to 14,000 people.

Vivid Sydney 2019, New South Wales Australia
Client – Destination NSW

Vivid Sydney 2019 provides a platform for the exploration of the transformative power of light. Three installations were provided for 2019:

M7, New South Wales Australia
Client – Abigroup Lendlease Joint Venture

Featuring the Light Horse and Sir Roden Cutler Interchanges, this 40 kilometre motorway provides placemaking at a regional scale. A continuous active transport spine along its route ensures that this experience reaches more than just motorists.

London Promenade, London UK
Client – Thames Promenade Co Ltd

London Promenade provides a 2.5km walkway along the Thames in Southwark. It will be a spine of a new active transport link through central London opening up the river to the south bank and allowing the public to experience London’s greatest open space in a new way.

Waterpoint, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Client – Nam Long Investment Co

Waterpoint is a 360ha new city dedicated to a shared vision of sustainability. A system of waterways and green corridors cool the walkable city and provide opportunities for ecosystem regeneration.

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