WestConnext M4–M5 Link Tunnels

Sydney NSW Australia
Acciona, Samsung, Bouygues Joint Venture
Concept, design + construction documentation
7.5 kilometres
Mark Syke
Westconnex infrastructure tunnel design CM+

CM+ are the architects and urban designers for the Westlink M4 – M5 Tunnels Link project, connecting the M8 and M4 East Motorways via a 7.5 kilometre twin tube, mainline tunnel between Haberfield and St Peters. The project opened to traffic in 2023 and improves traffic conditions, reducing congestion on adjacent, key arterial roads and improving accessibility to Sydney Airport and Port Botany for commercial vehicles.

CM+ are also the architects for the Campbell Road Ventilation Facility, located at the tunnel threshold, in St Peters. The building is a synthesis of art and architecture with the 300 metre long ‘Movement of Shells, Movement of Time’ artwork, created by Bidjigal artists Esme Timbery and Marilyn Russell forming the facade. CM+ have worked closely with Cultural Capital and the artists to bring their vision into reality, creating a dynamic, three- dimensional work of public art that provides a powerful statement of continuity, and connection to the site.

The Ventilation Facility performs its function as a key functional component of the motorway, while addressing larger issues of wayfinding, culture and place.

Westconnex infrastructure tunnel design CM+