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Cycleways have become an integral part of shaping our streets – they enhance the user experience and create opportunities for placemaking, writes Kash Rangan, Associate Director Infrastructure.

To step into the shoes of city cyclists and explore the option of riding to the office towards an active workplace, the CM+ team took part in a City of Sydney PedalEd Workplace Cycling Course.

The journey commenced at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence and consisted of four steps:

Step 1 – Meet your bike

Our friendly instructors, Julie and Li, found an eBike and helmet to match each team member’s personality.

The eBike, or electric bicycles, are powered via an onboard battery, to provide an extra boost when pedalling. In Australia the motors are speed limited to 25km per hour to ride on the road.

Step 2 – Theory

We discussed Sydney’s streets, where we might ride, and our rights and responsibilities. We were also briefed about sharing the roadway with others, whether they liked it or not.

Step 3 – Practice

In this practical session the PedelEd staff taught us the skills to master an eBike and get ready for the street.

Step 4 – Reality

Now we were ready to put theory into reality and get out onto the street. During the ride we gained insights into the city streets, especially finding safer alternate routes, and learned to balance with one hand extended to signal a turn.

Liz had an exceptional experience with a wayward seat. George never peddled at all, thinking he was back in Taiwan on a moped.

We enjoyed experiencing this form of active transport, seeing how it can connect people, generate team spirit, and remind us how to be part of a healthy and sustainable community.

Kash Rangan is Associate Director – Infrastructure with CM+. He is an urban designer with more than 16 years of professional experience across a range of infrastructure and master planning projects. Kash leads the Infrastructure portfolio, with responsibility for the design and delivery of major projects including project coordination and management of multidisciplinary teams.

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