Why CM+?

We believe good design is good business. Thoughtful, highly-crafted and sustainable architecture and urban design is central to the opportunities we explore. We listen and walk in your shoes to understand all aspects of each and every project.

Engaging with our client is fundamental to our process and we encourage our clients to be a part of the team from inception to completion. Our studio is proud of our relationships and the quality of our work is the product of a collective shared vision, allowing each project to develop a distinctive personality and quality.

We understand that good urban life is sustained through good design. We keep the long term in view. Great cities are built on places that endure. They meet today’s needs while providing a resilient platform for the layers of future life.

We work with our clients, colleagues and partners to unlock the social, economic and cultural value of a project to create and design quality places for people. We assemble collaborative teams tailored to individual projects and collectively challenge the design potential to create innovative and enhancing environments. We learn from one another, always asking questions and “what if…?”.