MetroWest Rail

Sydney NSW
MetroWest Consortium
Sydney CBD to Parramatta – 11 minutes
metro west rail transport infrastructure by cm+

CM+ provided urban design for Metro West Rail, a major transport, housing and employment proposal in the heart of global Sydney. The proposal has been developed to meet the increasing need for high volume public transport for Western Sydney and provides a catalyst for development to meet the needs of Sydney’s forecast population growth.

The proposal was to design, construct, operation and maintain a 26 kilometre metro rail line with 11 stations from Central to Westmead via Darling Harbour, the Bays Precinct and the Olympic Corridor (Stage 1), substantially increasing transport and capacity to Western Sydney (Sydney CBD to Parramatta CBD in 15 minutes). This project was delivered via privately financed delivery, and includes the early construction of eight, new, over-station development precincts (TODs).