Our team is diverse, inclusive and genuine. We know how to have fun. We also know how to deliver appropriate and quality outcomes for our clients. We put ourselves in your shoes. We draw upon our world-wide expertise to explore the social, economic, cultural and sustainable value of a place to design and create enduring spaces for people.

Our open studio is collegiate, encouraging ideas where the sum of the team exceeds individual contribution. We look out for each other and help each other succeed. We are curious and creative. We love food almost as much as we love design.

This supportive, social environment has been nurtured since our inception, and is apparent in our ability to be curious and flexible in our design thinking. We foster continual learning and encourage our team to participate in the broader design and construction industry. We are active members of the AIA, PCA, UDIA, NAWIC, ULI, DIA, and many more.

Weekly Kick-off

Every Monday CM+ gathers in the kitchen for an all-studio meeting to share updates and the plan for the week ahead: key deadlines, client presentations, events, training, knowledge, celebrations and studio updates.

Take 5 @ 5

Who doesn’t love talking about design! Every Friday afternoon our team comes together for an informal conversation about design: be it a recent or current project, university work, prior experience, research, innovation or sharing knowledge, the theme is design in any way, shape or form. Team members and guests are invited to present for five minutes, usually leading to lively debate over a glass of wine.

Talk Series

We invite topical thought leaders to present to our clients, colleagues and cohorts on a regular basis in our studio in East Sydney. Subjects have ranged from augmented reality to infrastructure, and in a relaxed setting we start conversations and build relationships.