2006 – Energy Australia National Trust Heritage Awards: High Commendation Award

Judging panel’s comments: ‘The Conservation Management Plan for the Royal Botanic Gardens is an impressively thorough analysis of Australia’s premier Gardens. The detailed documentation covers all the sculptures, sheds and buildings as well as the historic pathways and roadways that all contributed to the evolution of the Gardens. The document is a perfect manual to manage the Gardens into the future.’

The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust commissioned CMin 2002 to prepare a Conservation Management Plan for the Botanic Gardens at Farm Cove, to assist in the future management and protection of this significant site. Established in 1788 as the Government Farm, the Royal Botanic Gardens are of exceptional historic, scientific, aesthetic and social significance at a National level. The Gardens form part of the quintessential setting for the finest ensemble of Sydney’s public facilities, are an early Aboriginal contact site, are highly valued by the community and contain outstanding living and preserved collections for botanic science.

The conservation management plan for the first time recorded and assessed the significance of the whole landscape and built environment and provided a future direction for appropriate management and accommodation of change in the Gardens.