Site Area | 0.16 ha
Overall GFA | 2,415 m2
Residential Units | 30
Construction Value | $7 M

This residential project on a 0.16 hectare site adjacent to a community park in Buckland Street Alexandria is designed as two distinct building entities. One addresses Buckland Street and continues the wall of residential buildings that characterise this typical tree lined South Sydney street. The other fronts onto the adjacent park providing a residential scale and setback that will enhance the neighbourhood amenity. By breaking down the development into two separate massings, the forms have a more successful dialogue with the finer scaled buildings that make up Buckland Street. The approach to underground parking is centrally located off Buckland Street. The two buildings come together to create a unique community and meeting place with a distinct park entry. This sunny communal space will be furnished with seats, tables, BBQs and a wood fired oven. It is a place that residents will be encouraged to use for gatherings, meetings and events.